The Tastiest Cookies in Seattle

Chocolate chip may be king, but in Seattle, there are so many more cookie types to love

People may assume that because they’re beautiful—an unparalleled shade of purple—Chera Amlag’s ube desserts are popular based on looks alone. But anyone who has tried the Filipino-style treats from her petite, utilitarian production kitchen in Ballard, with its small counter of ready-to-go sweets, can verify that her goods are as delicious as they are pretty.

Our pick: There’s only one cookie on the menu, but it’s all you need: The ube cookie ($2) is chewy and buttery, with a distinctive flavor a little like vanilla birthday cake. This cookie is similar to a really great sugar cookie—only purple.

This article was originally published in Seattle Magazine and written by Chelsea Lin on May 23, 2017. Photography by Alex Crook.