Polvoron (Filipino Shortbread) DIY KIT


Polvoron (Filipino Shortbread) DIY KIT

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Make your own polvoron in minutes! Polvoron is a well loved crumbly, milky, butter shortbread that melts in your mouth. This DIY Filipino shortbread kit includes everything needed to make homemade polvoron -  just add melted butter! Our flavors include ube, cookies & cream, matcha, and traditional pinipig (toasted rice). 

We've done the hard part already: creating the toasted flour mix. Now, you finish it off with some melted butter, shape it with the mold and wrap in cellophane included in the pack, and boom: fresh, just-made polvoron with no preservatives. 


  • One 13oz. bag flavored polvoron mix
  • One polvoron molder
  • 10 pieces 10 x 10 cellophane 

Direction included on back of pack. Makes 16-18 large polvoron.