Marshmallow Assortment Pack


Marshmallow Assortment Pack

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Our hand made marshmallows are made with real fruit, use pure cane sugar (no corn syrup), and end with a fluffy piece of heaven. Use our unique flavors like strawberry calamansi (filipino lime), ube macapuno (purple yam & coconut), and toasted marshmallows however your heart desires. Perfect in your hot cocoa, rice krispies, smores, or simply by themselves. 

Includes 18  1" x 1" hand cut pieces
Choose 18 pieces of one flavor OR an assortment of all 3 flavors

ube macapuno - sugar, coconut milk, purple yam, evaporated milk, coconut oil, gelatin, cream of tartar, salt
strawberry calamansi - sugar, strawberries, calamansi, honey, gelatin, cream of tartar, salt
toasted coconut - sugar, coconut milk, gelatin, cream of tartar, shredded coconut, salt