About the Bakeshop

Hood Famous Bakeshop is a small bakery with a big heart (and appetite!) for unique Filipino sweets and tropical treats in Seattle.

We do wholesale, dessert catering, and now a sweets-to-go counter at our new production kitchen in Ballard, WA.

About the Owner/Baker

Chera is a co-founder of the Food & Sh*t monthly pop-ups in Seattle, where diners became enamored with her desserts that blended Filipino flavors with familiar Western desserts. When her ube cheesecake debuted in October 2013, the creamy purple cake quickly became the most demanded, most memorable, and most instagrammed item on the menu. 

Chera is ready to share her lifelong passion for baking with a larger audience and is excited to grow a branch on the Food & Sh*t tree and the larger Filipino food movement: the Hood Famous Bakeshop!



Looking for more?

For video requests, additional photography, or specific information, please contact:
Janelle Quibuyen, Media Manager / get@janellequibuyen.com