One Year Retrospective in Ballard

Hood Famous Bakeshop began out of a love for potlucks, filipino food, and community. It's still amazing to me to think that offering ube cheesecake at our Filipino pop up dinners (Food & Sh*t) in 2013 would turn into a full fledged bakery. And now in 2017, we are celebrating one year in Ballard. 

We started looking for our own kitchen after outgrowing the commissary kitchen we had been wholesaling out of for almost 2 years. More and more customers were asking how to find us and catering opportunities were increasing. Having bootstrapped this operation, we knew we needed to find something small, but a space to call our own.

A tiny 500 square foot kitchen came up while searching the internet one day. We immediately looked at it. It fit the bill being small, but this old skate shop turned kitchen definitely needed some TLC. 


I walked in and knew we could turn this box into a home - a starter home. We quickly brought in family to help us paint and after months of creative planning we had an underground basement production kitchen and sweets-to-go shop on the corner of 24th & Market St. 

  Putting my eldest son to work

Putting my eldest son to work

  My dad installing our sign

My dad installing our sign

  It's a family affair, including a kid friendly nap area

It's a family affair, including a kid friendly nap area

  Geo and I opening week

Geo and I opening week

Our grand opening was October 8, 2016. We knew to prepare for a crowd given our pop up experience,  but we didn't know we would sell out the first day of the weekend and go into our wholesale inventory we had reserved for Monday's delivery. Needless to say, we immediately increased our weekly production. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 4.53.15 PM.png

Thanks to the support from our incredible community, new and returning customers, we made it through our first year stronger and even more eager to grow. 

Some great write-ups throughout the year: 


highlights this past year include... 

Adding 4 new partners this past year.
We are now in 14 locations!


Shipping nationwide on limited items online.


Meeting the most amazing small business owners through collaborations! Here are a few: 


Working with great local vendors, and expanding our product line and catering program.

We've had THE best catering clients from - awesome couples who wanted to showcase our unique dessert bars at their weddings - to filling up the snack cart at the Mary Gates Foundation - to Pearl Jam!

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It's been a wonderful year of growth - both as a business and as an entrepreneur. If I have learned anything this year its teamwork. Our dedicated team of staff has been at the forefront of creating our brand, customer experience, and most importantly quality and delicious desserts. We also have the best customers in the world.

Thank you all for growing with us! We can't wait to share another great year with you. 

- Chera 

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Hood Famous Bakeshop is a small bakery with a big heart (and appetite!) for unique Filipino sweets and tropical treats in Seattle.